Leslie Gammelgaard
Leslie Gammelgaard is the gifted artist responsible for creating the illustrations of Andi, her friends, and her family. She also created the adorable paper dolls for the series. She was already familiar with Andi from the Circle C Adventures, so it wasn't much of a stretch to imagine a younger Andi, especially if she had a model to help visualize the character.  
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Leslie used two models (and her imagination) to come up with the illustrations for the Circle C Beginnings. Jessica is the same model as the cover model for the older Andi in the Circle C Adventures. Kaetlyn modeled various poses for the action illustrations. Leslie was able to combine the two girls into one spunky six-year-old! 
Illustrators must submit samples of their work to the publisher for consideration. Leslie created two illustrations (not in the books) to show Kregel Publications what she was capable of. 
Kregel liked Leslie's work and contracted her to create the covers, plus ten black/white illustrations for each book. Sometimes it took Leslie more time to create the pictures than it took me to write the books. Illustrating is a lot of hard work! Scroll down to see more of Leslie's creations. You can also read a fascinating interview with Leslie and see more artwork at Rachel Herriman.com
From Indian Summer
From Pony Trouble
From Pony Trouble
Leslie's also created the Andi, Riley, & Friends paper dolls. The colors are vivid and bring the characters to life! Right now she is busily creating the illustrations for the new Circle C Stepping Stones series. Leslie lives in Washington state, surrounded by tall trees and flower gardens. She finds inspiration for her artwork in the antics of her three lively little grandchildren. 
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Illustrator Leslie Gammelgaard
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