Susan K. Marlow
Susan wrote her first story when she was in the fourth grade. It was called "Up to Mars," about two children who went to Mars. She can't remember how they got there, however, or what they did when they were there. Later on, when Susan grew up, she wrote the Circle C Adventures, a series of books for older readers about twelve-year-old Andi Carter and her life on a California ranch in 1880. Many parents asked her to write books for their younger readers. Kregel Publications, her publisher, agreed this was a good idea.   
Susan wrote all six Circle C Beginnings books in less than two years. The best part about writing the books was working with her illustrator, Leslie Gammelgaard. Susan and Leslie talked about what pictures would be fun for each chapter. You can read all about it on the Illustrator page. 
Susan and her  husband, Roger, now live on fourteen acres on the top of a mountain in north-central Washington state. There are plenty of trees and open spaces, but no horses or chickens or any animal friends. Maybe some day! Susan and Roger have four children and ten grandchildren. 
Some of Andi's adventures come from the things Susan's children did. When they were small, they didn't ride a pony like Andi. They rode the calves instead! The mean rooster in Pony Trouble used to chase five-year-old Chad just like it chased Andi. It was Kristel's chore to collect the eggs. And when Riley ties a fly to Andi's finger using a strand of her 
Later on, Kristel had a horse, Panda, who was not a palomino like Taffy but just as much fun to ride and play with. She braided her mane and tail and treated her like a pet. The family also had sheep and milking goats. Giving the sheep a bath before she was sheared is not one of Susan's happier memories of farm life.  
long hair (Circle C Christmas), it is just what Susan's children used to do. They would tie up a fly and scotch tape the other end of the hair strand to the table while they did their schoolwork. Mostly, they watched the fly. 
Author Susan K. Marlow
The Adventures of Andi and Taffy
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